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Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 6 Guide

In this video, we return to the chess survival puzzles in Watch Dogs, and again I ended up brute forcing the solution. I’ve edited this video quite a bit to try to give you a quick, concise set of moves that will get you through the puzzle quickly so you can move on with the game. Enjoy!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 5 Guide

Chess survival puzzle 5 was the first one where I felt like I was playing around the AI rather than trying to devise a strategy to win. Instead, it felt a lot like trial and error. Regardless, I recorded the victory, and here you can see one way to three star this challenge.

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 4 Guide

Survival puzzle four is the first one where you have options! In addition to your king, you’ll also have two knights at your disposal. Read on for a strategy to survive!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 3 Guide

Chess survival puzzle 3. 8 Moves. Your king, his 2 knights, 2 bishops and king. You can do this. You can get 3 stars on this puzzle while dancing back and forth. DANCING I SAID!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 2 Guide

The second chess survival puzzle in Watch_Dogs is your single king against the AI’s four bishops and one king. You’ll need to make five moves to get three stars. Read on for my strategy.

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 1 Guide

One of the many side activities in Watch_Dogs involves chess. There’s even a few different kinds of chess challenges. The first one I ran into was the Survival challenge. Read on for my strategy.

Transistor: How to Complete Speed Test 1

The speed tests in Transistor are some of the trickier parts of the game. So much so that they inspired me to write up a topic for each of them! Here’s my strategy for Speed Test 1

Transistor: Practice Room Damage Achievements

Here’s a quick video I threw together showing how I got the two Practice Room damage achievements (Anything() and Everything()) during my first playthrough – no crazy memory requirements or duplicate functions needed!

I want to pirate Watch_Dogs

As I write this, it’s almost 7PM on the Sunday before Memorial Day here in the US. Watch_Dogs will be released in less than two days. I don’t have a huge interest in the game to be honest, but this whole weekend I’ve had the strangest desire to pirate it.

Transistor: How to capture with Dxtory

I use Dxtory to capture my game footage on PC, but it didn’t seem to work with Transistor. Turns out this is a bug in Dxtory as confirmed by the developer…