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TFZP #233: A Neti Pot for your Butthole

Well everyone, this is going to be the last episode for a while. Everyone stops by before the hiatus, including regular subs Didj and GRONK. I’d try to sum up this episode, but it’s mostly just a bunch of callbacks and us talking over each other (there’s a reason we usually kept it to 4 people instead of 6). We’ll be around, just not regularly for the podcast – stay tuned to Berz’ Twitch channel (fz_berz) for hi jinks, and we’ll be back after a while.

TFZP for 2015-07-06: Give GTA a Chance!

Meo regales us with beach/cruise stories and finally reviews the Hellapeno burger, Berz whines about his phone, and Draelor starts planning his upcoming bachelor weekend, all while we discuss how offensive and insensitive Rubik’s cube and traffic lights can be.

The Souls games and how regular death encourages awesome level design

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Souls games (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2). These games are often regarded as hard, and to some extent that’s true. You’ll die when playing any Souls game, and you’ll do it a lot. It’s baked into the game’s core mechanics. It’s one of the defining traits of the series. It also encourages some of the best level design I’ve ever witnessed.

Dark Souls 2: How to start DLC 1 (Crown of the Sunken King)

The first DLC for Dark Souls 2 is titled “Crown of the Sunken King.” While it’s not anywhere near as hard to find in game as the DLC for the original Dark Souls, I thought I’d throw together a quick video detailing how to get started based on information I’ve found while scouring the internet. Note that I made this video about a week before the DLC was released, but I made every attempt to provide accurate info. If this video proves to be incorrect post-release, I’ll replace it with one that actually gets it right 🙂

Watch_Dogs: Pawnee QR Code

As you’re driving around in Pawnee in Watch_Dogs, you’ll almost certainly see part of a big QR code at the top of a tunnel. This video will show you which camera you need to find and hack in order to see the whole thing.

Watch_Dogs: Brandon Docks QR Code

Scattered throughout the world of Watch_Dogs are pieces of QR codes. If you find the correct camera, you’ll be able to see (and scan) the full code. This video will walk you through how to find the correct camera to see the full QR code in the Brandon Docks area.

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 10 Guide

We did it! It’s the last chess puzzle in Watch_Dogs! Finish this one and you’ll be granted an additional amount of focus for your character for the rest of your playthrough. Sweet!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 9 Guide

It’s the next to the last chess puzzle in Watch Dogs. Are you excited? I’m EXCITED. Watch along and finish this one up. It’ll be great!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 8 Guide

Do you guys like chess? I like chess! So does Watch_Dogs. This video will walk you through the 8th puzzle in the series. Enjoy!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 7 Guide

Here’s yet another video for yet another chess survival puzzle in Watch Dogs. Watch it, finish the puzzle and get one step closer to increasing your focus!