Transistor: How to Complete Speed Test 1

The speed tests in Transistor are some of the trickier parts of the game. So much so that they inspired me to write up a topic for each of them! Here’s my strategy for Speed Test 1

You’ll be up against 4 Creeps and a bunch of Badcells. You’ll have Crash() with Breach() equipped in the first slot, and Bounce() with Mask() equipped in the second. My strategy here was simply to move behind a Creep during a Turn(), debuff him with Crash() and then send a Bounce() at his back as well. This will kill a Creep in one Turn(), and the Bounce() will get a few Badcells as well. Best case, you’ll be able to hit two Creeps with a Crash() and Bounce() combo in a single turn, which will leave you with plenty of time to finish, but even if you just get one Creep per Turn() you should be ok.

Here’s my video walkthrough as well. Enjoy!

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