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I Have Seen the Future of Media, and it’s Terrible

My house is a “cord cutter” house. We don’t have cable at all. We subscribe to Netflix, have a big antenna on our roof for local channels, watch DVD’s and Blu-Rays and even buy an occasional movie directly from iTunes or Amazon. For the most part, it’s been great. That said, I think I see where all this is going, and it’s terrifying.

The Great Twitter Experiment of 2013: Part 2

My Twitter experiment has been going through the weekend. It’s time to do a check-in on its status. 

The Great Twitter Experiment of 2013

At some point last night I fell down the rabbit hole of Twitter followers. I found a bunch of seemingly unimportant people with hundreds of thousands of followers. “How did they get that many followers?” I wondered. “What the hell do they do now that they have that many followers?” And so my great Twitter experiment of 2013 began.

Crunch, overtime and stress

Over the past week or so there’s been a reasonably sized stink on Twitter because of this tweet:

By the time ships for , we will have served the crunching team more than 11,500 dinners throughout development.

This lonely tweet raised the ugly topic of crazy overtime in game development (again), with all sorts of people chiming in on the situation. I’m a developer (though not in the games industry) and I’ve experienced some crunch, so I thought I’d write up my thoughts here.