Dark Souls 2: How to start DLC 1 (Crown of the Sunken King)

The first DLC for Dark Souls 2 is titled “Crown of the Sunken King.” While it’s not anywhere near as hard to find in game as the DLC for the original Dark Souls, I thought I’d throw together a quick video detailing how to get started based on information I’ve found while scouring the internet. Note that I made this video about a week before the DLC was released, but I made every attempt to provide accurate info. If this video proves to be incorrect post-release, I’ll replace it with one that actually gets it right 🙂

View the video here!

In Crown of the Sunken King (again, the first DLC for Dark Souls 2, released on July 22, 2014), the player is tasked with reclaiming the crown that King Vendrick once owned. This will involve traveling to three new areas (“Shulva, Sanctum City”, “Dragon’s Sanctum” and “Dragon’s Rest”) and defeating several new bosses. The difficulty is said to be higher than that of the base game.

The new areas include some amount of puzzle elements, with one example being pillars scattered through Shulva that alter the landscape of the zone or trigger traps when hit with a weapon.

There will also be multiple paths through each zone, and at least one path will be quite a bit harder than the others. The intention with the extra hard path is that it will be played though with a co-op partner.

At least one new Sorcery (Focus Souls) and one new miracle (Denial) will be available within the new zones.

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