Dark Souls 2: Master of Sorcery Achievement/Trophy Guide

There are four “schools” of magic in Dark Souls 2. If you want to get all the achievements, you’ll have to collect every single spell from every single school. Read on to see the list of all the Sorceries in Dark Souls 2 and where to get each of them.

Note that I originally pieced this list together from various wiki’s and other web pages, so I consider it a work in progress. I’ll be updating this with video guides and corrections as I run into them. Feel free to leave a comment below if there’s something that’s obviously out of place.

Purchase Only

Sorcery Name Seller Cost
Soul Arrow Melentia, Carhillion, Magerold 1500
Heavy Soul Arrow CarhillionMagerold 2000
Homing Soul Arrow Straid, Ornifex 6500
Shockwave Carhillion 1800
Soul Spear Barrage Carhillion 2600
Magic Weapon Carhillion 2000
Yearn Carhillion 3000
Fall Control OrnifexMagerold 4800
Cast Light DarkdiverCarhillion 3000

Purchased or Found

Sorcery Name Seller Location (Links go to video walkthroughs) Cost
Great Soul Arrow CarhillionMagerold Forest of Fallen Giants 3000
Great Heavy Soul Arrow CarhillionMagerold Harvest Valley 4500
Soul Spear Agdayne Huntsman’s Copse 12000
Soul Vortex Agdayne The Pit, Brightstone Cove Tseldora 10400
Strong Magic Shield Navlaan Drangleic Castle 6300
Homing Soul Mass Ornifex Shaded Woods 6000
Great Magic Weapon Navlaan Black Gulch, Company of Champions Rank 1 reward 6000

Can’t be Purchased with Regular Souls:

Sorcery Name Details (Area links go to video walkthroughs)
Heavy Homing Soul Arrow Trade the Ruin Sentinel Soul with Straid
Homing Crystal Soul Mass Shrine of Amana
Crystal Soul Spear Trade Old Paledrake Soul (Duke’s Dear Freja in NG+ drop) with Straid
Soul Shower Trade Soul of Scorpioness Najka with Straid
Soul Greatsword Drangleic Castle
Soul Bolt Drangleic Castle
Soul Geyser Aldia’s Keep
Hush Way of the Blue Rank 2 reward, Lost Bastille
Hidden Weapon Bell Keeper Rank 2 reward
Repair Shrine of Winter
Chameleon Harvest Valley
Crystal Magic Weapon Dragon Shrine
Unleash Magic Navlaan (by finishing his quest)


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