TFZP #159: Bah-Jay-Jay!

Hey everyone, it’s Bah-Jay-Jay day! Actually, we just made that up, but it’s worth repeating because it’s fun to say. Go ahead. Say it out loud in front of your co-workers. They More »

TFZP #158: That’s Not a Wyvern!

We’re still sans Wobbly, but Classicman steps up to the plate with an encyclopedic list of games he’s played. We also enjoy many, many wonderful authentic San Antonian treats, there’s e-mails about More »

TFZP #157: Ye Olde Insult or Innuendo?

Are you in for a treat!!  JellyButtBaby stands in for the missing Wobbly this week, bringing along ketchup chips, a mid-life crisis, and iphone games.  And top it off with a new More »

TFZP #156: Berz Made Ice Cream!

An eclipse happened, and we were in the totality. It was incredible. Everything else we had to say this week is insignificant compared to that. Also, Wobbly got a Rift, Draelor is More »

TFZP #155: You Gotta Suck ‘Em

This week, Meo’s car saga comes to a conclusion, Wobbly and Berz (and Didj and GRONK) go for another long car ride or two, there’s lots of pinball talk, some JRPG talk, More »


TFZP #149: Weaponized Colon-Hairy Vegetables


In this episode, we eat various snacks, Berz talks about something (but no one really knows what), we have a special guest because Draelor is missing (I KNOW YOU ARE SURPRISED), and we fling things that are not technically considered vegetables at each other in the dark. There’s also some video games or pinball or something, but that’s not really all that important, is it?

TFZP #148a: Bourbon, Bourbon, Bourbon!


I accidentally posted an old episode earlier today, so this is a new post that has the *actual* episode from 6/20/2017.

Meo’s back this week with talk of TV personalities, cruising and wrestling, Wobbly is still a working man, Draelor almost pees all over the house and Berz tries to get assassinated within the first 30 seconds of the podcast. There’s tons of e-mails, scandalous tales of everyone’s lives set to music, a little video game talk and all the usual nonsense about food, pinball and butts. Enjoy a fresh episode of The Flaming  Zonkey Podcast!

TFZP #147: Substitution


We’re missing Meo and Wobbly this week, but Grok and Jester are subbing in, and help us out blathering on about E3 announcements, the joys of Twitch streaming, and even a couple of video games. All while making sure we get plenty of dongs and annoying noises, lest anyone forget just how “professional” this recording really is!

TFZP #146: Mailbag!


It’s a week filled with emails (you can email us too!), as we explain Meo’s life to Selma, collect more boob science data, and look for cures to cold sores.  I mean there’s a little bit about games and sex in the shower, as well, but really we know you all want to send more email, right?

TFZP #145: Take This Flashlight and… uh… FOR SCIENCE!


SCIENCE! That’s what you get with this week’s podcast. SCIENCE! You also get the usual smattering of food talk, e-mails, video games, navel hymens, taints, blading, Wobbly dying, commentary on the American medical system, haikus and a bunch of other stuff. It’s another jam packed episode of The Flaming Zonkey Podcast!

TFZP #144: An Uncomfortable Position


Do you guys remember Donahue? This one time he had 2 Live Crew on the show. They did their thing, and the people in the audience didn’t like it much. That’s basically how everyone reacts to The Flaming Zonkey Podcast. Oh, we probably also accidentally activated a Russian sleeper cell. Uh, sorry about that? I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?

TFZP #143: The Naval Hymenbreaker


All you need to know is that Wobbly will soon be a professional wrestler and his finishing move will be the Navel Hymenbreaker.

TFZP #142: The Pink Trombone


No no no. That’s not some sort of weird double entendre – what’s wrong with you? It’s a perfectly legitimate application to be used exclusively while recording a podcast. By multiple people. At the same time. Other that this, this is another episode of our podcast where we just talk about the same stuff we talked about a year ago, realize that we’re doing it, and then keep doing it anyway. Also Berz is going to make some new flavors of ice cream that are sure to get your motor running. Yum!

TFZP #141: Packed in Like Sardines


Meo’s back to talk about boob science, wrestling tickets and video games, Wobbly is eating sardines, Draelor is *going* to do some boob science and Berz answers a question that has plagued mankind for years: What’s it like to be Berz?

TFZP #140: Motion to Table the Discussion


We may not have Meo this week, but we did have emails (but we tabled some Persona discussion til Meo’s return), Berz’s new car, NHL playoff talk, Disney plan of attack (though we tabled part of that for Meo as well), and the concerns of selling on ebay.  Oh, and Wobbly tells us about the time he tried to kill his dad at Six Flags!