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Watch_Dogs: Pawnee QR Code

As you’re driving around in Pawnee in Watch_Dogs, you’ll almost certainly see part of a big QR code at the top of a tunnel. This video will show you which camera you need to find and hack in order to see the whole thing.

Watch_Dogs: Brandon Docks QR Code

Scattered throughout the world of Watch_Dogs are pieces of QR codes. If you find the correct camera, you’ll be able to see (and scan) the full code. This video will walk you through how to find the correct camera to see the full QR code in the Brandon Docks area.

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 10 Guide

We did it! It’s the last chess puzzle in Watch_Dogs! Finish this one and you’ll be granted an additional amount of focus for your character for the rest of your playthrough. Sweet!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 9 Guide

It’s the next to the last chess puzzle in Watch Dogs. Are you excited? I’m EXCITED. Watch along and finish this one up. It’ll be great!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 8 Guide

Do you guys like chess? I like chess! So does Watch_Dogs. This video will walk you through the 8th puzzle in the series. Enjoy!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 7 Guide

Here’s yet another video for yet another chess survival puzzle in Watch Dogs. Watch it, finish the puzzle and get one step closer to increasing your focus!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 6 Guide

In this video, we return to the chess survival puzzles in Watch Dogs, and again I ended up brute forcing the solution. I’ve edited this video quite a bit to try to give you a quick, concise set of moves that will get you through the puzzle quickly so you can move on with the game. Enjoy!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 5 Guide

Chess survival puzzle 5 was the first one where I felt like I was playing around the AI rather than trying to devise a strategy to win. Instead, it felt a lot like trial and error. Regardless, I recorded the victory, and here you can see one way to three star this challenge.

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 4 Guide

Survival puzzle four is the first one where you have options! In addition to your king, you’ll also have two knights at your disposal. Read on for a strategy to survive!

Watch_Dogs: Chess Survival Challenge 3 Guide

Chess survival puzzle 3. 8 Moves. Your king, his 2 knights, 2 bishops and king. You can do this. You can get 3 stars on this puzzle while dancing back and forth. DANCING I SAID!